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Quranic Politics

New MAD Laws in Saudi Arabia, in the Name of Islamic Law
These among the Saudi «Goverment» (so called) that introduce and impose these Laws are Promoting IslamoPhobia All Around the World…

Fooled by All Devils Around

– to PreTend Islamic Fundamentalism (in favour of UpRooting it ? in favour of Keep Controling Arabia ? whatever ?)
– or Given FALSEHOPES about a Future where Islamists Will Play a Major Role in Global Politics..

all MisGuidance intented to make them Keep Up Showing Off (believing it or not) their Quranic Guided Strategies and Politics…

Why the Devils Do that ?..

BeCause they Know, that DemoCratic People around the World Will Oppose Any Muslim Majority in their States.
And as Arabs, Persians and Turks have Converted to Islam, they Will Oppose their Majorities.

BeCause they Know, that IF these Great Influential Nations, Would APPROACH in a CIVILISED manner, WIth Political EnterPrises and Movements, They Would have Been WellComed and InterGraded AllReady, Promoted in Govermental Positions throughout their States.
BeCause they Know that..

– There Wouldn’t B a Resistandce against the «Ottoman-Islamist-Turks» Royal Guars in the Balcans, Italy, France nor SPain, and the «British» Rebels Wouldn’t had Escaped,..

– there Wouldn’t B a Revolution AGAINST the Ottoman Empire, but a ReUnion of the Europe wich Would InClude the SouthEast Europeans,..

– There Wouldn’t B an Ethnic Cleansing During the ReConquesta of Iberia,..

– Nor Neutrality for the EuroAmerican Wars against the «Arabs ?» Persians ? whatever ?..

– There Wouldn’t Be Soviet VS Islamists «Wars of Succession» in C.Asia,

– There Wouldn’t B such a Neutral Stance of the AfroArabs and their Black Supporters in S.Sudan and All Around Africa, Opposing the Racist Black UpRising, Neutral as they had to choose between Racists and an Islamic Sharia Dictatorship

– There Wouldn’t be RePublican NOR Hindu Opposition in India..

– Nor the Chinese Would be So Much Neutral to the Opressive GeoPolitics of the Hans against the Uyghurs


It is NOT the other Way Around. IslamoPhobia is based on Reason, not Racism.

Our Muslim brothers might not like what I say, and might be saddened or angry, but many IF not most People around the World, even my Self, are afraid of Islamist Majorities.

What Choices they Have ?

.Either to Oppose them and keep them away from their RePublics, wich is Not CoRect as much as Collective Punishment isn’t.

.Either to Make Laws banning Quran, BiBle andTorah etc, from beeing InterGrated into Politics in Any way (allways on the Fear that an Islamic Majority might Use their Elected Goverment, to Impose Quranic Laws, as it happenned in Egypt)

and Try to Educate them on the DemoCratic Proccesses and Laws and Why Sharia is NOT DemoCracy,

.and IF they Will Fail to do so, to Leave the State wich is Ruled by Islamists and Go Live in a DemoCratic State (on the Fear of a Future Armed Conflict Between the DemoCratic and TheoCratic Funsamentalist States )

Dilema ?

We Only ask Our Arab Brothers 
to Quit this Foolishness, and Support, ReEnforce us to «Hunt» the Racists their Armies and their Devils.

They Ask From Us 
to EnD@nger our DemoCratic Goverments and Institutions, Rights that we Earned With hunderds of Wars and Revolutionary Battles, against TheoCratic, MonArchic or Dictatoric Regimes.

What is more Easy to Do ?

To GiveUp Democracy ?
Or to ExClude Quranic Medieval Laws and Prophet Strategies ?

The Example of Egypt is Prooving that Islamic Quranic Politics, Create the Opposite Effect.
and a Proove of What I Say, the FalseHopes ConSulted to many Arabs by the Devils.
Cause it Was in Egypt where Obama Went, and Made the Most IslamoFriendly Speech ANY Non Muslim Governor has Ever Made.

Hope For Change in America, When Even in Egypt there is Opposition to Islamic Rule ?@?

Obama Should had Praised the Arabs, but NOT the Quran, giving falsehopes to the Islamists. Foolishly Wrong ? or Giving F@lse Hopes ? i do not know that.
But the FalseHopes have been Prooved False in Egypt anyWay.

Why this madness is not corrected ?

This Islamic Madness is not «Exorcised» by the Arabs ThemSelves.
Like IF The Arabs Do not Care to help Each Other get Rid of this FALSE «Strategy».
Not Only The Arabs Cause in Many Cases, Non Arab PseudoIsloamists AbUse ISlamic State Terror to Get Rid of their Political Opponents.
So All Our Brothers Around, From Iran, Turkish Countries, Europe, Central Asia, even India,
do not CoOperate to Consult them, Choosing to keep Silence, even IF this is Completely Out of Control.

Silence, because they are targeted ?

They Will All Ways be Opposed as Long as They Rule Under Islamic Laws and the Guidance of Muhammad, and are Willing to Promote that to the States they take under Control.

We Know it, 
Cause We are Opposing their Islamic Royal Troops and Quranic (Political?) Movements.

While We Try to STOP the Racist Dynasties of Europe and the so called «British» Messing Around.

Cause We NEED the ReEnforcements of the Arabs, Persians, Turks, to Help Us to that Cause as Guards, Politicians, and Citizents, 
and Instead of WellComming the Citizents and the Guards, We are Facing a Terrible (for Us) Dilema, when Our Brothers Come in as Muslims With the Quranic GeoPolitics on their Minds.

And for that Reason there is Fear, Not WellComming, Not Efforts to Promote them in Politics and Army, and even Opposition.

We are Living an Age that Technological and Scientific Progress have and will allways do, helped us to Create Politiical Systems Far More Advanced than the Quranic Laws.

DemoCracy is the System that allows Every Citizent to Participate with his Ideas and aknolwedgments of the problems he Faces, in Favour of a more Widely Accepted Goverment.
DemoCracy it’s Self, doesn’t solve the Problems. In Fact DemoCracy in a State of Cannibals might ReSult in Legalisation of Cannibalism.
but Education on Mathematics, SocioLogy, Politics, Criminal Justice and History, are helping the Citizent to make better Judgements, and have better Political decisions.
And the Tools We have toDay help Us more to Spread this Knowledge and also Promote Dialogue. Globally.

IF we will Look at the Best Side of the Quran, we Read Not only the Laws, but also the History that tries to ReMind and Proove to the Muslim Why ? the Quranic Teachings and the Followers of the Prophet are Right.
These Stories DeScribe Movements and Battles and DeStructions that happened Just in the Known World Close to the Arabs and Milenia Ago.
From then to Now, We Know MUCH more Many Historical Facts From All Around the World, that Remind and Proove to us Wrong Doings of Leaders and Empires and Religious Movements etc

ToDay it is ILogical to be Guided by the Quran and Muhammad.

And The Islamists Should think themSelves.

IF the Laws that Were Dictated by the Angels to Muhammad, at the time that there was Slavery, InEquality, and Torture, Under Anarcy and OligArchic Regimes, Laws and Teachings that back then allowed more People (muslims) to Be Ruled by their God and Not one King,

toDay these Good (perhaps) for then Laws, but Primitive and Egoist for Today, are DIctated to them by the Bad «Jins» Around.




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