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Is «the Earth» as the British Empire turns it, Spinning on top of a White Finger, but Spinned around with a British+Native American Hand ?

Few People around the World Know the History of America and the European Colonisation of America.

They All Know about Colombus , they know few about the ConQuistadores, and less about the Northern American Wars that the CowBoys Fight the Natives.

Few People Know about where the Natives came from, what was their InVolvement to the American Wars, wich alliances they had with wich Europeans, and that MultiRacial EuroAmericans have Fighted in Europe.

And Yes, Not few, were Allies of the British.

Against Who ? In the begginning against the French and their Native American allies, and Logically after these Wars All Together against the Spanish and their Native American Allies and Mestizos.

What’s Next for these Armed Groups that Fighted the French and After the Spanish ? IS NOT the Spanish ReEnforcements in Europe, Northern Africa and Middle East ? Would Not they try to escape Punishment for their Wars, by seeking alliances, arming the opponents of their enemies, and even wage War at them ?

Are You Sure it is Not ? Is NOT IT «LOGICAL» ?

Why HowEver Many People Do Not Realise it ? An Example is the Anglo/Moroccon Alliance against Spain.

«The Anglo-Moroccan alliance was established at the end of the 16th century and the early 17th century between the kingdoms of England and Morocco. Commercial agreements had been reached by Queen Elizabeth I of England and the Moroccan leader Ahmad al-Mansur on the basis of a mutual enmity to the Spanish King Philip II.The arms trade dominated the exchange, and numerous attempts at direct military collaboration were also made. The alliance was maintained for some time by their successors.»

I Do NOT understand Any Logical explanation other than that the British arranged this alliance with Spiritual W@rfare



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