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Animal Rights and the International Community

Many People IF not Most People totally Ignore the Animal Rights.

Most People Consume Meat and Dairy Products UnWilling to Respect the Right to Live of the Animals Killed Only for their Appetite.

Un Necessary and even Bad for good health, they keep Up Consuming meet and dairy products, and so they totally Ignore the Struggle in favour of Animal Rights.

Totally Ignore it.

So IF they Ignore what is Animal Rights about, how would they realise How Some Groups Manage to Oppose any Laws made for the protection of Animals.

Lobbying , Threatning and Terrorising, and Spiritual warfare against Animals and Animal Rights Activists and Law Makers.

Crazy ?

IF You Could Find Out What Your TV is educating in Parallel Dimentions Your Parents and Children about Consuming Meat and Respecting Animal Rights, You Would be ConVinced.

IF You Could Find Out how Animals become Active Members of the RePublic You Would be Surprised.

More Crazy ?

Could the Myths and Movies that talk about People that could ComUnicate with Animals trigger Your Curiosity to search for more evidence ?

and it is NOT Only Dr.Dolittle.

Mowgli, Tarzan, and many other stories tell us about Humans that can Communicate with Animals.

The «Animal Farm» of George Orwell tells us about Animals that Revolt against their «Owner» and Organise the Community to be Governed by them.

Now You’ll Say all this is Aligoric, and do not Really Say about Real Animals talking with each other, talking with Humans, and Organise their Own RePublic.

The answer is We Do Not Know that.

But we have other evidence that comes from the bible.

The Seal of Solomon gave Solomon the power to command demons, genies (or jinni), or to speak with animals.

And there are MANY other Stories and Myths that describe Communication between Humans and Animals.

Stories ? Myths ?

Let’s see how much we REALLY have managed to ComUnicate with Animals

in this Ted Blog Post we Learn about InterSpecies Communication

Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Dolphins, Parrots are on the list, but we also know about Dogs, Cats, Octapus, Elephants, and the list goes On

And Why We Forget that we CommUnicate with Dogs ?

We All know that Dogs can Learn to DeCode Our Language and ReSpond when we speak to them.

Happy when they listen to the phrase «let’s go for a Walk», knowing even to ask for it, executing even difficult tasks on our command, and even CoOperate with the Police, or Rescue teams, beeing accepted as members of these Teams.

Yes we allReady have Police Officers that are Dogs. Why Ignore and Forget that ?

And there are Many Videos where we can Learn about highly intelligent animals, in many cases smarter than Young Humans, where they perform many difficult tasks taking orders from their fellow humans, but also communicate with Cards, Symbols, even Speech


Politically ?

We are on the way of Getting Animal WellFare Rights becoming InterNational Laws




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